What I Wore – 4 Ways To Style A Bandana

Last spring/summer when the bandana neck scarf trend started picking up steam I just couldn’t get on board. Something about a bandana (or even a…

Last spring/summer when the bandana neck scarf trend started picking up steam I just couldn’t get on board. Something about a bandana (or even a small scarf) tied around my neck kind of werided me out. Maybe it reminded me too much of that lazy Halloween costume? You know the one –  just throw on a pair overalls and a bandana and you’re basically a farmer, scarecrow, rodeo clown. Yeah. Probably not a good look for a random Tuesday of running errands. So I avoided the re-emergence of the bandana neck scarf.

Until a few weeks ago.

We were in Nordstrom… eating. This is off topic, but have to been to Bazille inside a Nordstrom store? You are missing out on life if you haven’t! Order the jam jar appetizer (it’s not in the menu – you’re welcome!) and the bread pudding dessert. I know. Bread pudding is gross, but this stuff is TO DIE FOR! Okay, so after we finished eating we were walking around (probably trying to remember where we parked. Was it that entrance? No? Near men’s suits? Maybe.) when I spotted a display of bandanas. Plain ‘ole solid red, navy, and black bandanas that you probably bought at Dollar Tree and now have stashed somewhere in your closet from that Halloween costume. Except these weren’t really plain bandanas. They were Nordstrom bandanas! For $18! And you know what? They were a little more appealing than the old ones in my closet. I mean, they were exactly the same but looked so much cooler under the magical Nordstrom lights! I eventually tore myself away and put down the red one I had been holding for 5 minutes. Then in another part of the store they had several marketing displays featuring pictures of girls wearing bandanas with breezy summer dresses and even bathing suits!

That did it. I was sold.

I’ve been rocking the bandana stash from my closet since then. And yes. I do still feel a little bit like a rodeo clown when I tie one around my neck. But it gets easier each time.:) I think the trick to pulling off this trend is to make sure your outfit is really casual. I wouldn’t suggest pairing it with a power suit, or else you’ll risk looking like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl!


What do you think? Will you give the bandana neck scarf a try? It seems to be sticking around this summer, so you have plenty of time to work up the courage. 🙂 If you decide to go for it, here are a few other ways to style it. Click here for even more ideas!



  1. L, I really like the ways you styled the bandannas. Never thought I’d wear them again but you’ve convinced me!

  2. I think I have a red one AND a black one in my closet. Saw these on the street style models a few months back but I didn’t think I could replicate the looks. Well I’m going to at least try. ha!!!

  3. We’ve been talking about trying that restaurant! How did you know? hahaha Thank you for the tips on what to order and what to wear to dinner too. You are just too cute!

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