weekends are for relaxing

I took the weekend off! Whoo-hoo! The craziness of Christmas-Photo-Season is getting ready to start, so I decided to take this weekend and do some of the fun stuff I won’t have time for until December. I love photography, but a girl needs a break every now and then!

Friday night my parents came to see our latest purchase (more on that another day), then they took us to dinner at Harry’s at the beach – Anderson’s favorite. After dinner we stopped at Marshall’s. My mom was looking for something that she just knew she’d find there. No such luck! Seriously, does anyone ever find anything they’re looking for at that store?! Dad and Anderson did find these cute hats though. 🙂

Saturday my mom and I went thrifting. This woman taught me the art of thrift store shopping way back in middle school BEFORE it was cool! I hated it then, but it’s my favorite place to shop now. I love the unique one-of-a-kind stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. We bought some great stuff, but I forgot to take a picture-bad photographer!

We went to a Lifegroup party Saturday night. The couple who hosted us live on the river. They have a nice dock, so the guys took advantage and used it to set off fireworks. They entertained themselves for a very long time. Ladies, do any of you understand the fascination men have with fire? Where do you even get fireworks this time of year?!