The 3 Almeidas – 2012

We (I) wanted to do something different for our family pics this year. I love the idea of getting all dolled-up and heading to a pretty location, but I felt like that just wasn’t the real “us” right now. Some of our favorite times as a family are spent playing right here in our home, and as a mom, I really wanted to capture this time in our lives. Kingston loves playing in our beds, dumping out his blocks (but never picking them up), riding in his car in the front yard like a maniac, playing music with Anderson, and sitting with us on the kitchen counters. What I love most about these images is that they truly represent the real Almeidas. Not the “polished for family pictures” Almeidas! One of my 2013 goals for Pink Coffee is to do more of these types of shoots for my clients. So get ready!!!

Thanks so much to Stephanie Mortimer of Stephie Joy Photography for capturing these shots!