strange habits

We all have some strange habits; little things we do around the house that seem perfectly normal to us until someone else points out how weird they are. Mine involves the dishwasher. My Grandma had the same habit. So does my mom. I like to think it was passed down.

The other day a friend was at our house and asked me for a napkin, so I reached into the dishwasher, got one out and handed it to her. She looked at me stunned and asked, “Where did you just get that?” A little confused, I looked back at her and said, “From the dishwasher.” I had a similar conversation with Anderson when he first started coming over and with numerous other friends since then. But somehow I always forget that everyone doesn’t do it this way until someone new asks me for a paper product then watches in shock as I reach into the dishwasher.

My extra storage cabinet.