Spring Style – Kingston’s Picks

Yay for spring! I mean, fiiiiiiiinally. šŸ™‚
Now that Kingston is staying in the same size clothes for longer than 2 minutes I like to buy a few new pieces for him each season and try to find ones that mix and match well. These are just a few that I’m loving for spring/summer. So… they’re obviously my picks, but he approves. I asked!

1. Chambray Vest: $19.50

2. Black and White Belt: $8.00

3. Denim Shirt: $19.90

4. Red Sunnies: $5.95

5. Green Chinos: $9.95

6. The Leopie Shoe: $32.00

7. Striped Swim Shorts: $12.90

8. Pink Circle T-shirt: $22.00