“Shirl the Pearl”

When asked to write about my role model, one name immediately came to my mind. Shirley Lindsay. When I think of that name I see a short, active little lady with graying hair (unless she’s colored it), twinkling eyes, and a sweet smile. Sometimes when I look into her green eyes, they seem full of mischief, and they usually are. Shirley Lindsay is my grandma, and she is always up to something.

Once, when I was staying at Grandma’s house, I was looking for the hairspray under her bathroom sink, and I found a pack of cinnamon rolls instead. When I asked her about her stash, she laughed and said, “Don’t tell your Grandpa. We’re supposed to be on a diet!”

Then there was the day she backed Grandpa’s car out of the garage and knocked off one of the side mirrors. She didn’t worry. She just borrowed some superglue from a neighbor and glued the mirror back on. The next day when she and Grandpa were on their way to church, the mirror flew off the car. Grandma tried to blame it on Grandpa, but when he pulled over he saw the glue on the car. She was caught!

When I look back at all the funny things Grandma has done, I cannot help but think of how she is usually up to something good too. She goes every Tuesday on visitation to witness to people. But that’s not the only time she shares God’s Word. She loves Jesus, and everybody knows it. Sometimes when Grandma goes to Publix, some of the bag boys hide because they know she is going to tell them about Jesus. Through the years, many of them have accepted Christ because of Grandma’s consistent witness.

Because Grandma loves Jesus so much, she is full of love for others. She radiates with God’s love, and that makes her the most beautiful lady I know.

-Lyndsay Hyatt, 2000
I wrote this paper my senior year of high school in English Honors class.