September Via Cell Phone Pics

Happy October! Yay!
Here’s a little cell phone pic recap of our September via my cell phone (and a few from Anderson’s.)

Typical night in the suburbs.

The day we all wore jailbird stripes to church.

It’s still “sweat it out at the pool” weather.

Anderson likes to cook as much as I do.

Dinner outside.

K. Rock playing at the big Robinette’s apple.

One of these boys wanted to hold hands. The other didn’t.

Dunkin’ Donut breakfast.

One of my least favorite activities.

Cruising the neighborhood with a paint roller. At what age is this behavior no longer acceptable?!

Grown-up talk on the kitchen counter.

One of my favorite pictures ever!

Such a little cuddler. I swear I’ll let him drink milk out of this cup ’til he’s 20 if he’ll keep doing this!

Cute wall outside one of our favorite Jax Beach restaurants.

Best sloppy kisses around!

Singing at church. I love when I get the opportunity!

Packing stresses me out. Always has. I needed a “drink”.

Little shadow in a big shadow.

The secret to well behaved toddlers. Judge if you want. We don’t care!


Found – cute little vintage store.

This is one of my favorite places to visit in Michigan. Had some photoshoots here last week.

Scenes from Robinette’s Apple Orchard.

Diabetes in a cup.

Kingston LOVES to hug. While he’s doing it he says, “Hug! Hug!”

A gorgeous day in Michigan.

The kid needs an accessories closet. šŸ™‚

Saw this cute wall while shooting in Springfield.

Tired baby.


Holland… Michigan.


Birthday party in the country!
Who else is ready for moccasin weather?