I was sixteen when I told my parents, “I’m never coming back here. It’s the most boring place on earth!” I had miserably clomped around…

I was sixteen when I told my parents, “I’m never coming back here. It’s the most boring place on earth!” I had miserably clomped around for a week in a sour mood. Every night I walked to a payphone and called my boyfriend to tell him how much I wanted to come home. I whined and complained to my parents about every activity we did. I even cried once. That week I had enough and decided it was time to break up with the Smokey Mountains.

For most of my childhood my (extended) family went to the mountains for vacation at least once a year; sometimes twice. My last trip took place during spring beak of my junior year of high school. I didn’t understand why anyone enjoyed the mountains. It was just sooooo boring. I even tried getting into the spring break spirit by lying out in my bathing suit next to a stream! It didn’t help, so I ended up having a completely miserable week. I wanted to love the “Great Smokies” like everyone else, but I just didn’t see the big thrill.

One time I heard a couple say they were going to the mountains to watch the leaves change, and I became even more confused. People drove 7-8 hours in a car all the way to North Carolina JUST to see colorful leaves. Well that made sense, because the mountains were for boring people with nothing better to do.

As with any relationship time has a way of fading the bad memories, and I’m now left with fond recollections of those family trips. I think about how I always wanted to ride in Grandma and Grandpa’s car…in the front seat…between them. Grandma had the good snacks!

I’m excited to say that Anderson and I are joining the caravan and heading back to the mountains today. I honestly can’t wait to get in the car! We’re riding with Don to meet my parents. They’re staying for two weeks, but I’m not ready to jump back into the relationship so soon. A few days will be perfect for us to get re-acquainted. I even looked through some brochures to see what new, exciting attractions might be waiting for us. Um…none. I got a strangely comforting feeling when I saw that everything looks just the way it did when I left it, and I started thinking maybe that’s why people go year after year. They enjoy visiting a place where time seems to stand still.

The trip will be different this year though. Don’s driving. I guess that means he can’t touch “my side” of the car!! 😉


  1. Hay FUN girlfriend! We will be road tripping this weekend as well.. We are going back to our Alumni college in Virgina this year for homecoming weekend and to get the rest of our furniture for our home! Be safe! Enjoy it!

  2. WOW Lynds…it’s beautiful in my native state! That’s about it lol but I’d love to go to the mountains for a few days, especially right now! I hope now that you have your honey you’ll maybe, just maybe, be able to like it a bit more.And P.S. HILLARIOUS to me that you find that boring yet you come from Callahan lol…a small place not exactly known for the crazy life! 🙂

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