Planters: Before and After

I’ve been saying for a few years that I want to overhaul our backyard. We spend a lot of time back there, and I want it to feel like an inviting place to hang out. The problem is that I’d rather do projects inside, so the yard keeps getting pushed aside… until now. I decided to tackle it a little at a time, a small project here and there, so that by next spring it will look great. Um, that’s the plan! We’ll see how it goes. My Mom recently found some big planters at a yard sale, and I knew they’d be cute after a little paint facelift.

BEFORE: The planters (with some painters tape) sitting on the back patio waiting for their facelift.
AFTER: The planters (and a few other accessories) in the back yard.
I painted stripes on two of them using colors we have throughout our house and filled them with fall flowers.

They definitely brighten up a little corner of the yard. I hope to show you a wider angle when we get things over-hauled!
It took forever to get that before picture up there. Look at what I was dealing with. 🙂