Oh, hi!

Notice anything different? 🙂 Welcome back! I’ve missed blogging over the last week and am so excited to show you the new and improved Pink…

Notice anything different? 🙂

Welcome back! I’ve missed blogging over the last week and am so excited to show you the new and improved Pink Coffee Photo blog that I’ve been working on for over 3 months. Why, oh why didn’t I just pay someone to do this?! I asked Anderson that question the other night, and he said, “But doesn’t it feel good knowing that you did all this hard work yourself?”

Um… yeah, suuuure it does.

Moving on.

Why the change? A few reasons:

1. My business has had the same look for almost 5 years. Who keeps the same look that long? B-O-R-I-N-G! It was definitely time for a makeover.

2. The company who designed my last blog wasn’t exactly the poster child for customer service. It was really difficult to make even the smallest changes, and I could never get anyone to reply to my support emails. Whah!

3. Plus (I can’t believe I’m going to say this), but the old Pink Coffee Photo look was just too… PINK. I know, I know!

4. When I first started a blog for my business it was mainly just a place to post my latest work, but over the last few years I’ve started posting about other things I care about: family, faith, fashion. And it felt like the old blog look didn’t fit well with the content I was filling it with. People were going to what they thought was a photo blog and getting posts about how to make boot socks. What? How confusing!

This just feels better. Freer. Like I can post anything I want, because this blog is about my life, and photography just happens to be one part of that!

So, now that you know why we got here I would LOVE some input from you. You’re the ones who read this blog. Take a look around and let me know if you think this new look/feel makes more sense. Is there anything I left out? Anything you wish I had included? Any technical difficulties? (Some of the pictures aren’t showing up the way I want, so I’ll keep updating over the next few weeks). Oh, and this is fun-now you can go back and see my archives from all the way back to 2008 when I first started blogging. Go laugh at my work y’all!

Now for the good stuff! I haven’t done a blog giveaway in over 2 years. Not even one. How selfish am I?! To prove to you that I’m not a total Ebeneser Scrooge I’ve decided to celebrate all month with fun giveaways! Some from me; others from sites I love! Come back tomorrow to win fun goodies. I’m excited. You should be too!

*** A big thanks to Taryn Hannah who created my new logo. She is amazing!
****And another thank you to my patient sister-in-law, Kylene Almeida for helping me with so many annoying website questions. This site would be a hot mess if she hadn’t stepped in and saved me. Thanks Ky!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! But still love you guys more! 😉 the count down is on 4 more days!!!!!

  2. LOVE IT! your blog is always a ray of sunshine in my day…thanks for sharing your talent and life with us!

  3. Looks Great! You could take every picture of you off of the blog and I think I would still know it was yours! Very Lyndsay! I’m still laughing that you typed y’all 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Tracy! Ha! That made me laugh. 🙂 You can take the girl out of Callahan…

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