New York City in the Springtime

There’s a saying that, “New York is always a good idea.” And I think I’ve made it obnoxiously clear over the years that I 100% agree with that sentiment! I’m getting ready to head back to my favorite city this week and realized I never shared any pictures from the trip Anderson and I took last month. I think I avoided posting them, because I didn’t have much to say that I haven’t already told you ten times! ha! So instead of doing an in-depth guide like my last NYC posts, I’m just going to caption some of the pictures for you – sort of digital scrapbook style. 🙂

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Kingston loves the Chrysler Building, so I always try to grab a few shots of it!

It was colder than when we were there in December.

We went to some vintage stores, and I found this fun old Mexican dress for $13 at No Relation Vintage.

We didn’t have an agenda, so we made a point to stop and enjoy a lot of the street art that we came across!

They had just removed the ice rink from Bryant Park and were getting ready to re-sod.

I always ask for a photo booth picture from the basement at The Smith (East Village location).

We tried the Dominique Ansel Bakery for the first time, and let me just say: so worth the hype! Dominique invented the cronut (croissant + donut), and I’ve always wanted to try one of his creations. But not enough to get in a long line early in the morning and stand on the street. So I was really excited to learn that now you can pre-order your cronuts on the bakery’s website! You have to order them 2 weeks prior to your visit, and they sell out FAST. They have one flavor available each month, so you get what you get. I was able to put in an order, so when we got to the bakery all we had to do was walk straight to the front of the LONG line and tell them we had placed an order ahead of time! And y’all! Those cronuts were the best pastry I’ve ever eaten. Hands-down! We have annoyed everyone with all our cronut talk ever since. And I’m not sorry about it.

Hamlet’s Vintage is one of my favorite vintage stores in the city. We always stop in!

When a fellow tourist offers to take your pic. :)))

The Chelsea Flea was such a fun Saturday morning adventure.

Doughnut Plant – our old friend.

Lady Liberty from Battery Park.