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So… you know how I told you about Anderson’s extended vacation in this post? The last 6 weeks have been crazy. I do some graphic…

So… you know how I told you about Anderson’s extended vacation in this post? The last 6 weeks have been crazy. I do some graphic design for our church and work out of an office there a couple days a week. So Anderson and Kingston have pretty much been glued to each other 24/7 and become BFFs. One afternoon when I got home it occurred to me that we had completely reversed roles. I was him and he was me. Total Freaky Friday style. He’s always been a hands-on dad (changed more diapers than me, etc). But this was a whole new level, and it was a little on the scary side.

1. Sometimes he didn’t eat all day, because he was just “too busy.” Other days he had ice cream for lunch.

2. He met lots of neighbors and got all the juicy neighborhood gossip.

3. Two words: Pajama. Jeans.

4. I came home a few times and he’d follow me around from about 3 inches away – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – talking non-stop. And when I was like, “Whoa. Back off!” He said, “I just need to talk to an adult.”

5. A few times I made the mistake of walking into what had been transformed into a frat house over the course of a day and saying something like, “What the heck did you do all day?” Duh. Watched a two-year-old. At least he didn’t cry. šŸ™‚

“Vacation” ends this week. Yay!!!! (More on that later!) But I wouldn’t change these last 6 weeks for anything. I’m so grateful that Anderson and Kingston got to hang out non-stop. Some dads never get that opportunity! Kingston is pretty bummed today though. He keeps scowling at me while I try to feed him toast. He’s obviously thinking, “What happened to cookies for breakfast?”


  1. Why do dads get to have all the fun…even when they’re playing Mr. Mom?!?!?! Cause Lance is totally like this! And….they don’t have the house chores either. They got it made in the shade!

    I’m excited to hear that the Vacation ends this week! I hope that means theres a JOB starting soon!!!!! Can’t wait to hear!!!!

    Hope you can get K to cooperate today! šŸ˜‰


  2. isn’t it awesome when our husbands get a glimpse of what our days are like? my husband stayed home while I put in my 2 weeks after baby #2 and at the end of it he was like i don’t know how you do this. a deeper appreciation for me for sure!

    so glad you have good news to share of God’s faithfulness! so awesome!

  3. YES! I agree taking care of a two yr old is hard and fun! Anderson is a great Dad because of his love for Kingston and Jesus!

  4. I just LOVE YOU šŸ™‚ Your sense of humor and the way you write makes me so happy. Not to mention your sweet heart and those adorable men in your life. Can’t believe how big Kingston is… They get more and more fun the older they get, don’t they??

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