lynsi and jim are getting married

Contrary to popular belief, Ken and Barbie were not modeled after Jim and Lynsi. They could’ve been though! I met the gorgeous duo for their engagement session this weekend, and we had quite an exciting photo shoot. First we were pulled into a picture for a strange group’s scavenger hunt, then Lynsi kissed Jim on the cheek, and his cheek turned red and started to swell. It was her lip plumper-ha! The poor guy. And we ended our session with Lynsi trying to teach me some modeling poses; she even turned the camera on me. I definitely need a few more lessons. She and Jim are naturals…me, not so much!

Love birds, I had such a good time with you. Now I can hardly wait for the rehearsal/party/pre-reception, and I know Scarlett will do an amazing job with your wedding pictures. Congratulations!