Good. Not So Good. (Life)


This song. It is so good. And if I turn it up loud enough I sound just like Mary J Blige. JUST LIKE HER. The good thing about running with ear buds is that you can’t hear yourself! You just hear what you think you sound like! The neighbors love it.

-When Anderson makes breakfast. He’s the Waffle King.

-Playing outside everyday. The weather is amazing! Family walks are the best.

-Hunger Games (the book).

-Kingston likes spicy food! I knew he was mine. I knew it! His favorites right now are jambalaya and spicy black beans and rice.

-Living in the Sunshine State. Everyone wants to visit!

-This motto (and the friend who shared it with me): “I’ve never seen a 10-year-old FILL IN THE BLANK.” Drink from a bottle, wear a diaper, cry for a paci, try to eat food off a public bathroom floor. Basically I just tell myself this every time I start stressing that Kingston will never grasp whatever I’m trying to tell him at the moment. Because, hey, I’ve never seen a 10-year-old take off his diaper in protest to a nap!


-Touching raw chicken. I try to be a big girl about it, but it’s just grossy gross!

-You know how they say don’t trust a person who doesn’t like animals? Well I say don’t trust a person who lets their animal poop in my yard, because I’m so going to step in it.

-Hunger Games (the movie).

-Other than his delight over spicy food Kingston doesn’t really want to eat anything else right now. (Other than french fries, but obviously we NEVER give him those). The other night we kept trying to feed him and got tired of it. It takes a lot to wear me down most days. We have some epic battles of the wills, but this night I just wasn’t up for it. So we ate while he sat in his high chair and sucked on a dirty penny. Whatever.