life lately (via cell phone pics)

Milk Man.

The boys made me breakfast…

Then sent me here for the day! Remind me to do something nice for them. 🙂

We frequent the fancy restaurant across the street from our neighborhood a lot.

Thrift store.

Me and my shopping sidekick… shopping!

The hubs has good taste.

Sparkly feet.

Spoiling and being spoiled.

Throwing Mr. Monkey out of the cart. Over and over and over again.

Pants are so over-rated.

Cruisers Grill.

Pretty Baby.

Mr. Social Bug.

The Garnet and Gold Guys came to J-ville. My boys were home sick from church. 🙁

Happy campers!

We voted! I’m an absentee voter (code for LAZY!), so I never get a sticker. Lame.

Girls’ Day.


When I lived with my Grandma (during college) we always wrote each other notes. I found them recently!