Life Lately (Via Cell Phone Pics)

Avocado Shake, anyone?

Our favorite breakfast place has mis-matched mugs… and plates and silverware and salt and pepper…

It’s a good date when dinner turns into breakfast!

K. Rock really enjoyed the cereal Grandma gave him.

Riding the trolly at church.


Taco Tuesday.

And riding the elevator at church… such an exciting place to explore!

This is what these two do on Monday afternoons.

Mushroom and Fontina with white truffle oil. The BEST pizza!

US vs Scotland soccer game.

Afternoon snack. Berries, banana, and spinach.

Oh, hello!

Volunteer Celebration at church. The theme was “You rock.” Hopefully that explains this pic!

Note from my boys.

3-4 times a week; every week.

Dinner and shopping with my girls.

This is how we do Memorial Weekend in Florida.

Always wanted one of these!

Old friends-drove 2 hours for a photoshoot. Love this family!

Leftover smoothies=popsicles.

Kingston is the germ pit at a birthday party! Loving every second.

And we’re currently stuck inside waiting out a tropical storm. Hopefully this doesn’t last too long. The three of us don’t do well on house arrest.
Happy Memorial Day!