Life Lately – Via Cell Phone Pics



K. Rock wouldn’t take his hat off at the doctor’s office. Naked in a fedora. That’s how he rolls!

I’ll take this toddler thing over the baby stage ANY day. Having so much fun with my little sidekick.

This was dinner one night last week. Tuxedo Creme from Cheesecake Factory. Don’t judge. It was a stressful day!


Cinco de Mayo.

New business cards.

Anderson teaching some of our friends’ kids some music skills-ha!

Part of our Thursday routine.


Having a “Hawaiian” breakfast: coconut mocha coffee and toast with pineapple jelly.

Beach Baptism at Mickler’s Landing!

Dinner Date.

Kingston and his buddy, Whitaker.

An unsuccessful project. Ended up in the trash. You can’t win every time!

This little guy wandered into our back yard one night. Not sure who wanted him to stay more… Kingston or Anderson.

Breakfast with Grandma Peg.

Seafood. It’s what’s for dinner. PS-We do eat at home every now and then!


More Cinco de Mayo fun. Can’t wait to show you pics from our party!

Beach Baby.