life lately (via cell phone pics)

Pink + Red + Leopard = Favorite combo at the moment.
So excited to play in the pool. šŸ™‚

Almeida/Habeck Family Photo 2012. We take a pic every time we’re with these buddies, and it’s been fun to see new little people show up through the years!This painting (by my talented friend Monica) hangs in Kingston’s bathroom.Driving Dadda’s car.The Monica who did the painting above!

It’s play-in-the-yard-all-day weather.Only the most confident babies can pull off the Speedo!Going to see Grandma and Grandpa.Mochi goodness. Never gets old.Bath time.#4.See the guy creeping behind Anderson?!Favorite boots.Best 4 years ever!Pool days are here!Our kitchen.

This brush goes everywhere and shows up in the weirdest places.Kingston likes to pick out my shoes when I’m getting dressed. I think he has a great eye.Kingston is an overly enthusiastic hugger. šŸ™‚