happy holidays… all of them

Anderson and I spent part of Thursday night at the ER with a friend. She called after I had gone to bed and said she needed us to drive her to the hospital. I’m not sure what time we got home, but we couldn’t really get back to sleep for a long time. I guess we were too keyed up. So, Friday was a rough day for both of us. When we got home from work that night we were beat. Not only did we not want to cook, we didn’t even feel like going out to eat. Anderson wanted pizza and I agreed on one condition: It had to be Pizza Hut. I know… weird, but I haven’t had it in a long time and love the buttery crust-mmm! When we got home with the pizza I told Anderson it felt like a paper plate night. The only ones we had left were one Valentine plate and one Christmas plate along with some Thanksgiving napkins. (My mom keeps us stocked in fine holiday paper goods!) So we put in a movie and ate our pizza-half pineapple-half meat. It was a wonderful evening.
Happy Thanksgiving-Valentines Day-Christmas-Pizza Night!