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Anderson and I decided several months ago that it was time to escape from our apartment and buy a home. Wow. We had so many…

Anderson and I decided several months ago that it was time to escape from our apartment and buy a home. Wow. We had so many choices and decisions to make. First of all, did we even want to stay in Jacksonville? If so, what part of town? Did we want to buy an existing place or build a new home? We’ve prayed for wisdom a lot over the last few months.
And finally…
drum roll please…
we’re officially homeowners!

We are so excited we can hardly stand ourselves, and we’re having a blast planning for our future family. I’m not sure where that future family will go though, because we’ve officially claimed all four bedrooms! Who knew we’d decide not to be complete nomadic hippies?! Ever since we met, we’ve talked a lot about having roots and being grounded in a place we love. For now, that place is Jacksonville. So we’re excited to plant our roots here, then sit back and see what happens as God continues to control our life together.

2 weeks to go!

living room.

bob vila’s younger, hotter brother!


dining room.

master suite.

i’ll post more after we get moved in…


  1. WOW!I can’t say that I’m not jealous!But I will definitely say that I’m SO happy for you! That’s awesome!Wow…and just think about all of the decorating you’ll get to do….

  2. Wow your bathroom looks so similar to mine! Beautiful house! My husband and I bought our home in July and I’ll just say it’s TRUE when they tell you the first year of home ownership is the most expensive/hardest on you! But definitely FUN. Can’t wait to see how you decorate! Good luck and congratulations!

  3. Love LOVE it!!! So happy for you guys. I’m sure you’re geeking out just as bad as we were if not worse LOL. It’s beautiful, Lynds!

  4. I just told Winnie that you were moving tonight and I was like well I think they are at least and then I read this! Cant wait!

  5. yayyyyy!!!! i love love love it!!! don’t worry – when we come down, i’ll put your kitchen to use!!! i’m sooo excited for you guys! your house is going to be gorgeous! i can’t wait to see how you decorate it!!!

  6. 2 things…1. Can not wait to come visit and see this lovely new home. Can’t wait to see the color splash you add!2. I laughed out loud when I read about Bob Vila’s younger, hotter brother :). Hope to see you soon!LovesB

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