Good – Not So Good

My favorite picture of these two!


-One of our neighbors had his yard guy do our lawn just to be nice. We have the best neighbors! Sometimes I miss the sense of community that comes along with growing up in a small town. But God has surrounded us with some really great people.

-Kingston trying to repeat everything what we say to him. SO CUTE!

-Date night.

-Retiring the diaper bag. Man, my back feels better. Okay, no really. Because now I’m just cramming more stuff in my purse. But hey, we’re down to one giant bag instead of two!


-All three of us wearing black and white stripes to church. We got in the car, and when I looked at Anderson I just said, “Oh crap.” We looked like a family of jailbirds and (naturally) didn’t have time to change. Maybe no one would notice? Everyone noticed.

-Trying to make Kingston’s 18-month wellness appointment and having the lady tell me, “Oops. It looks like you missed his 15-month.” Um, no one told me he had to go at 15 months. And whoever was supposed to give me the “How to Raise a Baby” manual when we came home from the hospital DID NOT do her job. We’re flying by the seat of our pants, people.

-Getting thrown up on while getting ready for a Mother’s Day lunch with my Mom. Throw up in my hair and not enough time to wash it. Gross, and a big ‘ole Happy Mother’s Day.