Good. Not-So-Good.

We went to Mochi over the weekend for a little after-dinner-snack, and they just happened to be having their 3rd anniversary party. So we stepped…

We went to Mochi over the weekend for a little after-dinner-snack, and they just happened to be having their 3rd anniversary party. So we stepped right up to the purple carpet and had our picture taken like the true VIPs we are.


– Anderson is growing his hair out and on at least two occasions I’ve heard variations of this from the bathroom: “My hair is doing some really cool stuff lately.” Yes, Love. Yes it is.

– Praying for really specific things and seeing God answer. Is there anything better than that?!

– Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

– Getting away and doing absolutely nothing at the lake last week. Nothing! Well, I did read a book and a magazine. I consider that productive.

– Trying to get Kingston to eat some pasta one night, and he pretended to eat it. Like fork-to-mouth and fake chewing. The whole thing. And when he dropped it on the floor it was no big deal, because my parents’ dog was there to eat every bit of it. Not so good was when we tried it again at our house, and there was no dog to eat the large piles on pasta on the floor. Boo.


– When I picked Kingston up from church nursery last week a lady said, “Wow. He really knows how to work an iPhone. He was showing us all kinds of stuff.” I said, “Oh no! I’m so embarrassed.” But then as I was walking away I turned and said, “Wait, no I’m not.” I mean why should I be? Clearly he just saw an iPhone for the first time and knew what to do. He’s obviously gifted.

– Speaking of nursery. My child hates being dropped off. I usually make Anderson do it. The teachers in his class refer to him as a Stage 4 Clinger. As in, “Brace yourselves people. We have a Stage 4 Clinger on our hands.” I hate it, but as soon as we walk away I’m okay. I guess he is too.

– Going to a restaurant that we frequent very often and having every worker who spoke to me mention that they would MAKE SURE my meal didn’t have any lettuce. One girl even came to our table and said it with a fearful look in her eye. I guess it’s because last time Anderson went for take-out I sent him a text saying if they put lettuce on my enchilada I’d kill their mothers, and HE SHOWED IT TO THEM. Who does that?! But really, what can I say? There’s nothing more disgusting that wilted lettuce.

– I think it’s really cute that Kingston has mannerisms from both me and Anderson. The problem is that most of the cute stuff he does resembles Anderson, and most of the demon-child stuff he does is totally me. How annoying is that? But I’ve quit throwing myself on the floor in public now that I know how ridiculous it looks. So… that’s a good thing.


  1. I’m SO glad you’ve finally stopped throwing yourself on the floor, Lyndsay. Floors are funky in the NOT good kind of way. I wonder why the Rock has separation anxiety when you leave him? Maybe nobody is as cool as his parents, eh? 🙂

  2. my husband just looked at me like i was crazy because i was laughing so hard at the dang computer. (maybe i should get out more??!!!) anyways this cracked me up too!:) if it makes you feel better kennedy has her own folder in our phones (our)for just her games. (and you know they’re ALL educational… NOT!)

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