Fall Wardrobe Staples

How much do you think I’m sweating in these pictures?!
Answer: buckets. It’s always summer in Florida!
So I’ll just be over here adding my fall wardrobe staples: hats from this website+ denim jackets to all my shorts and t-shirts and pretending it’s fall.

Every year I find myself throwing on a denim jacket and/or wool hat over pretty much any outfit, because those two pieces make me feel like it’s sort of, kind of fall. I especially like this maroon color, because it matches so many outfits and adds a little more interest than a basic black hat. (Although I love those too!) I’m sharing a few favorites below, so check those out! Also, these polka dot shorts are from a local boutique, Drift. But they’re sold on on the website, so I linked to a few that are really similar.

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