Easter Week

You know those people who come to church twice a year? The ones with the kids in expensive seersucker outfits and perfect hair? I mean, it’s easy to have perfect kids twice a year. They’re also the ones who take up all the good parking spots, leaving you to walk a mile across the parking lot in your big heels. Of course your kid runs the whole mile, so his hair is a nappy mess by the time you get to the church doors. Oh, and then they sit in the good seats. And you end up in some overflow space watching the service you attend every single week on a TV screen. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? Well what if you willingly gave up your spot for them? What if you went out of your way to make them feel loved and welcome. Sure, they might not even notice. But what if they did? They might even come back before Christmas! And that’s what this week is all about, right? Jesus gave his life for us, so we could know what it means to be loved. REALLY LOVED. And then pass that love on to other people, so they can have a relationship with Him. Church isn’t about you and me anyway!

I hope you and yours have a big party this week! We have so much to celebrate. Thank you, Jesus!

Since I’m thinking about church today I wanted to tell you that I recently took pictures for our church staff. They are such a fun group of people, so I ended up with a bunch of “outtakes” that were begging to be on Facebook. If you’re interested, you can see them here.

I’m so blessed to work with these weirdos. I mean, friends!

Happy Easter Week!