DIY – Stars & Stripes Tank

I really should call this “Star & Stripes” because there’s just the one star. Anyway…
Need a last-minute shirt for the 4th?
I made this one for Kingston Sunday afternoon while watching the Brazil/Spain soccer game with Anderson. It only took a few minutes!

Here’s how I did it:
– Draw a star on freezer paper and cut it out.
– Iron the paper onto a shirt. (Kingston’s tank is from American Apparel.)
– Put several strips of painter’s tape across the shirt. I had thick tape and did three strips.
– Paint a thin line along each edge of tape.

That’s it! I can’t find my fabric paint stash, (this is a frequent issue in out house!) so I just used white acrylic paint. I’ve done it before, and it works fine.
Get to it… you still have two days to make something cute!