DIY Chevron Inspiration Board

Anderson is under the impression that I don’t use anything in my “craft closet”. He thinks I just keep buying stuff and storing it in there like some weirdo hoarder. I have no idea why he thinks this. Certainly not JUST because it’s busting at the seams… so to prove him wrong I decided to do a little project using only things I dug out of the closet. Well, mostly. I only bought a few goodies!

My laundry room is pretty sad. I spend as little time in there as possible. Not because I hate laundry or anything. Just because it’s the ugliest room in my house. I like to be in places that make my happy, don’t you?! So I decided to spruce it up with a little fun and color in the form of an “inspiration board”.

You only need a few supplies, and they might be in your craft closet too!
– Cork Bulletin Board
– Paint
– Paint Brush
– Painter’s Tape
– Paper Doilies
– Modge Podge

1. Use the painter’s tape to make 2 chevron rows. Mine are not perfect, but that’s okay! I just eyed it. If you’re a little more OCD, get out a ruler.
2. Paint inside the tape lines. I mixed 2 colors I already had to make the bright pink. See, I’m being resourceful.
3. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape and lay out some paper doilies. I used 5 white ones then added a turquoise and a yellow for a little color pop.
4. Modge Podge the doilies onto the board.
5. Add some of your favorite pics, mementos, etc.
Extra Credit: I gave the frame a quick coat of peach paint just to finish it off.

I might even spend a little more time in my laundry room now. You never know. Stranger things have happened.
This project cost $2 (for the colored doilies) everything else came from my craft closet. Take that, Anderson. 🙂