Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table With a Paper Bag


How is Thanksgiving only one week away?!?

I mean, are we ready for this?!

If you’re looking for some fun ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table, I’m here for ya! I was on River City Live this morning sharing this super-easy way to decorate your table with a roll of kraft paper from Dollar Tree. I did it last year (you can view the tutorial and a lot more pictures of our table here), and it was a hit at our house. Plus I made some other fun Thanksgiving decorations with paper bags from the grocery store! Yes. We decorated a table with a paper bag! 🙂 The show’s producer gets a wild idea every now and then, and this was definitely one of them. But we made it happen!

Check out the video below for some fun ideas!

Another awesome screen grab. I think whoever uploads these videos hates me!