1. You need to put a thought bubble above your dad’s head and have a contest to see who can come up with the best thought he is thinking! Ha Ha! Glad you had a great Lyndsay Day 🙂

  2. Carl’s bday is January 4th…don’t you have someone [maybe Anderson] with that same birthday? Or maybe our Moms have the same birthday, July 21st. There’s some similarity there man, I just can’t remember it!!!

  3. These pictures bless my heart. You are only four years younger than me – that makes me feel better about myself :)! I showed Grant the last pic – Don better watch out, Grant didn’t know he had musical talent :)!!

  4. steph-that’s hilarious!jenn and sara-thank you. anderson picked them out all by himself!marlena-the more i learn about you, the weirder it gets. our moms AND husbands have the same birthday. crazy!melissa-you are so funny! don actually has a great voice. you just can’t ever hear him singing, but when he’s goofing around he sounds good! ps-he was horrible on the drums. 🙂jenny- we kept trying to get him in there, but he said, “i don’t have any rhythm.” ha!

  5. Hi Lyndsay 🙂 Just wanted to stop by & thank you for your sweet comment! I love your work & have enjoyed reading your posts! Oh yeah…CUTE shoes too :o)

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