A Simple Way to Decorate for Any Holiday

It usually only takes me a few weeks after the new year to start putting Valentine’s Day decorations up. I like for our house to feel festive but don’t like spending tons of time decorating or putting away our regular decor to make room for the holiday stuff. So I want to share what I think is the easiest way to decorate for Valentines Day… or any other holiday: garlands! Maybe you call them banners or bunting. But whatever they’re called, I love them and hang them all over the house! One of the great things about decorating with garlands is that you can make them yourself and add a new one or two each year. So simple!

I usually group my garlands for a more festive look, but you can hang them alone too. The three behind our couch are: 1. a piece of tiny pom-pom trim that I had left over from a project, 2. larger pom-poms that I strung onto a piece of embroidery thread, 3. mini paper doilies from the baking section at Michael’s. I folded them in half and taped them over a piece of twine.


A few extra pom-poms found their way into an old jelly jar. (We go through some pineapple jelly in this house!)


Dierdra the Deer got a little extra bling from another pom-pom garland I made a few years ago.

Of course I had to add my favorite color to the Love Day decor! So I made some turquoise yarn pom-poms then strung them onto embroidery thread.
I hung it with more mini pom-pom trim and some large pink doilies. Then I glued some extra pom poms onto wooden skewers and put them in an old milk jar.


The hutch in our kitchen also got some love! Last year, I cut out lots of different size pink and red circles then taped them on either side of a long piece of yarn.

And one more garland in the living room – foam heart stickers attached to a piece of twine.
Happy garland making!