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We’re moved in! I want to share a lot but can’t keep my eyes open, so I’ll make it short. I’m so thankful tonight; I…

We’re moved in! I want to share a lot but can’t keep my eyes open, so I’ll make it short. I’m so thankful tonight; I could almost pop… and it’s not because of all the food I’ve eaten in the last few days! Well, that’s only part of it. Some of our friends and family helped us move Wednesday night. I have to admit, I was dreading the actual move. We had more stuff than any two people should be allowed to have in a 2 bedroom apartment! But our moving crew got us completely moved into our home in less than 2 hours-They were amazing!!! Thank you all so much. We couldn’t ask for sweeter friends, and my parents and brother are pretty great too! I keep walking around our house thinking, “I can’t believe this is all mine.” But tonight I remembered that it isn’t mine. Everything I have belongs to God. Anderson told me earlier that God blesses us, so that we can use what we’re given to bless others. Hmm… I guess that means we’ll be opening up this home to anyone and everyone, oh boy. This could get interesting!

The crew taking a dinner break.




One of us loves to read.


  1. I just moved for the 1st time in 10 years… I can appreciate the “creative labeling.” HYSTERICAL!!!I really love how you & your husband dedicate your entire lives to our Father God & all He does. It inspires me to keep hope alive to someday share a life with someone special who loves & adores Him the way I do.THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR LIFE & INSPIRING OTHERS WITH TRUE JOY!

  2. I can't wait to see the new digs all spiffed up!!! CONGRATS again…so awesome that you guys are there to celebrate CHRISTMAS, you first MARRIED Christmas in your first house!I came here to ask ya something else though, my little shopper bee. My friend sent me invites to these sample sale sites [and you're likely already a member but just incase I have to ask anyway lol] and I wanted to know if you wanted me to email them to YOU? They're free to join and they have private sales for a limited time, anywhere from 24-72 hours, and at really good prices!!There are 4 she got me hooked on today…Rue La La – recent sales: Vineyard Vines, Puma, Theory, Nicole Miller, Yves Saint Laurent, Birkenstock, Vera Bradley, Hanky Panky, Fendi, Prada, 7 For All Mankind, Lululemon, PenguinGilt Groupe – recent sales: Ralph Lauren Black Label, Vera Wang, Cole Haan, AG Jeans, Herve Leger, Marc by Marc JacobsRegent's Secret – recent sales: Hudson Jeans, Tart, Chip & PepperIdeeli – Designer items but NOT at designer prices!! Ex: Dior Sunglass [$320 down to $120], D&G Lace and Sequin Wrap [$1025 down to $282], D&G Sarong [$365 down to $120], Fendi Sunglasses [$375 down to $65 and $75], Miu MiuMySpace me your email address if you so wish. Don't worry, no catches. Only spreading the love to you because ahem, well that should be obvious. 🙂

  3. I am so happy for you and Anderson. This house (and the people in it!) is so cute. You’ll have to give me advice when it is our turn sometime next year!

  4. Yeeeaaaaaaaah!!! I am sorry we were not in town to help you move in on Wednesday night, we were in Destin for the Holiday week!! Let me know if you need some help decorating!! You know me, that my cup of tea!!

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