a little moving madness

We’re moved in! I want to share a lot but can’t keep my eyes open, so I’ll make it short. I’m so thankful tonight; I could almost pop… and it’s not because of all the food I’ve eaten in the last few days! Well, that’s only part of it. Some of our friends and family helped us move Wednesday night. I have to admit, I was dreading the actual move. We had more stuff than any two people should be allowed to have in a 2 bedroom apartment! But our moving crew got us completely moved into our home in less than 2 hours-They were amazing!!! Thank you all so much. We couldn’t ask for sweeter friends, and my parents and brother are pretty great too! I keep walking around our house thinking, “I can’t believe this is all mine.” But tonight I remembered that it isn’t mine. Everything I have belongs to God. Anderson told me earlier that God blesses us, so that we can use what we’re given to bless others. Hmm… I guess that means we’ll be opening up this home to anyone and everyone, oh boy. This could get interesting!

The crew taking a dinner break.




One of us loves to read.