60 Reasons We Love Dad

happy birthday pops blog


Happy Birthday, Pops!
I asked the family (all of them!) to help me make this list of some of the reasons we’re thankful for you.
We’ll let you guess who said what!
We love you.

1. He lets me drive the tractor.

2. He always has good advice.

3. He plays soccer with us.

4. He’s not afraid to call Don out.

5. He makes us stuff.

6. He reacts calmly. (Remember when I glued my fingers together, and you calmly went to the hardware store for acetone? Or when I accidentally dyed my hair purple and you took me to the grocery store for another box of color? Or when I had that hit and run and called you from the gas station. Nevermind. Or when I got that tattoo and went to your office to show you? Okay. We’ll stop here.)

7. He’s our friend; not just our dad.

8. He sends us Bible verses everyday.

9. He’s the glue that holds this crazy crew together.

10. He likes fast cars!

11. He’s driven by the gospel.

12. He was OCD before it was a thing.

13. He’s our first phone call in a crisis. And he’s talked us all down off a ledge many times.

14. He’s my best friend.*

15. He’s selfless.

16. He puts his family before his work.

17. He’s down to earth and never sees himself as better than anyone else.

18. He loves Jesus!

19. His stuff is our stuff

20. He encourages me when I’m down.

21. He always takes him time to do a project for me… and it always turns out perfect.

22. He did my science projects.

23. He lets me do whatever I want!

24. He’s generous.

25. He’s my best friend.*

26. He passed down good genes.

27. He has a bunch of sayings. I roll my eyes; but I like them all.

28. He doesn’t talk too much.

29. He knows God’s word.

30. He likes to learn new stuff.

31. He’s a modern day John Wayne.

32. He’s a good listener.

33. He laughs without making any noise.

34. He doesn’t like cats.

35. He takes care of Mom.

36. He’s a planner.

37. He’s patient.

38. He’s loyal and supportive – no matter what!

39. He has a soft heart and isn’t afraid to cry.

40. He’s great in a crisis.

41. He taught us all to shoot.

42. He practices what he preaches.

43. He’s taught us to be “street smart” and some of it stuck.

44. When Mom drags him to the thrift store he finds good stuff for ME!

45. He talks to Jesus on our behalf. From praying for our salvation to some of our big life decisions; he’s relentless and dedicated to interceding for us.

46. He always says, “I’m proud of you.”

47. He’s honest.

48. He’s a good Grandpa.

49. He never asks for anything.

50. He keeps his word. Always.

51. He’s never disappointed me.

52. He was strict when we were young.

53. He buys enough supplies to last 15 years anytime we send him to the store.

54. He knows how to fix stuff.

55. He taught us that life isn’t about being happy, but being holy. And while we might not always understand God’s plan, it’s for his glory and our good.

56. He never pretends to be perfect.

57. He loves his job.

58. He’s respected in the community, and we’re proud to say he’s our Dad.

59. He taught us to live within our means.

60. He’s not afraid of change and knows that even though the Gospel never changes, our methods of sharing it have to.

*Mom and Don can fight it out over the best friend title. šŸ™‚