3 Easy Button Crafts – Garland, Lamp & Magnets

Happy National Button Day!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s the first time you’ve heard that today. 🙂 It’s true though. Along with about 15 other things, today is the day we celebrate buttons. Ha! Super random.

Over the next few months, I’ll be making appearances on a new local (Jacksonville) show, River City Live, as the crafty DIY-er. We did a practice taping this morning, and the show producer challenged me to come up with some projects featuring buttons. After questioning him about whether or not Button Day was really a thing, I accepted his challenge!

My Grandma always had little jars of random buttons around her house, and I loved looking through them. Kinda weird? Yes. But it paid off, because I now have little jars of buttons too! So I didn’t even have to buy many supplies for these 3 easy button crafts.

So… let’s get to it:

button garland1blog

The first project I thought of was a button garland. I use a lot of garland for parties – above the buffet where we put the food or draped across the front of a table. If we had a fireplace you better believe it would have a garland! And I think this button version would be adorable on a Christmas tree too.

To make this, I threaded a needle through a strand of embroidery thread and knotted one end. (I chose embroidery thread, because it’s sturdier than regular thread.) Then I just weaved it through the button holes and tied off the other end when it was the length I wanted. So simple!

button garland4blogbutton garland3blog

Then I moved on to a lamp shade. This little lamp was only $12! But it needed some love. So I spray painted the base this color and used one of my favorite adhesives, E6000, to attach the buttons all over the shade. I started with the large ones then filled in the holes with the smaller ones. Now the little lamp looks like it actually belongs in my house!


The last project was a no-brainer, because I’m always looking for more magnets to stick on our fridge. To make things a bit more interesting, I stacked two buttons for each magnet. Then I glued them on top of each other with E6000. (Small on top of large). Once they were dry, I flipped them over and glued a little piece of magnet to the back. I bought a magnet roll and just snipped off little pieces as needed. This might be my favorite, because the sides of my refrigerator are black and definitely need a little color!


If our segment from this morning ends up online, I’ll add it here and let you know. 🙂