2 Easy DIY Shirts

Hey! Happy Monday! Last weekend Kingston had a brutal stomach bug for the second time in about a month. Good times! So we were on house arrest for a few days. And I got really bored, really fast. I resorted to entertaining myself by snazzing up a couple of shirts with fabric paint. Thought I’d share them just in case you find yourself trapped at home for a few hours… or days and need a project!

This shirt is really a one step project – Yay!
Pick out a shirt (Mine was stolen for my sister-in-law’s yardsale pile a while back. I have no pride.) then dip your pencil eraser in fabric paint and make dots anywhere you want. I used gold glitter paint and just did┬ásmall clusters of dots on the pockets and shoulder tabs to add a little pop!

This one is really easy too:

1. Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and place the painter’s tape horizontally all the way down the front. I just eyed it and tried to leave the same tiny little space between each piece of tape.

2. Using fabric paint (I used neon yellow, so it would look like a highlighter) and a small brush, paint in between each piece of tape.

3. Let it dry for a few hours then remove the tape.