Beach Vacay – At Home

Well, hello! I took a week off (that is quickly turning into ten days-AH!) and am having the hardest time getting back into the groove of things. Further proof that I do better with a set schedule and deadlines! So last weekend (um.. or the weekend before last? Life runs together in the summer!) we stayed at a friend’s beach condo in St. Augustine, a whole 20 minutes south of us. My Mom and niece came down for part of the time, and we just relaxed at the beach and pool! Then as soon as we got home Anderson’s brother and family came to stay with us for a week. And we went to the beach and watched the World Cup pretty much everyday. It has not been a bad week!


One night we decided to head into St. Augustine for dinner at our favorite restaurant – Gypsy Cab Company – and dessert at our favorite sweet spot – Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar. When you’re within a few miles of BOTH of your favorite places, you just have to go. It would be irresponsible not to. It quickly turned into an adventure when an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in (this is a daily thing during the summer in Florida). And it got even trickier when we realized the city of St. Augustine is doing a ton of road construction. So the normally narrow streets are even harder to navigate, especially right after a torrential downpour. The above picture is how we walked around. But we were not deterred. Cousteau’s was calling our name… loudly.


Local friends! Do us a favor and brave the madness in downtown St. Aug this summer to get to Cousteasu’s. It’s so worth it! They told us the construction is really having an impact on them, and if they close down we will cry. 😉


Also notable from the weekend: Kingston had his first wonut, and declared it a raving success!

Now. I need to finish editing a photoshoot that I’m a little behind on-yikes!, restock our house with food-we have nothing but spinach & kale chips right now, go through the pictures with took with Anderson’s family last week-there are some real treasures in there!, and watch the US team’s game this afternoon!