The three of us trying out a new restaurant (M Shack) at the beach last night.

I’m thankful everyday, but today seems like a good time to talk about it. Just a few of the many reasons I’m giving thanks today:

-We have a home. A happy place to come to at the end of a tough day.

-Our baby boy is happy and healthy.

-My husband loves me, works hard to take care of me, and is an amazing dad to our little guy.

-We have two cars that we can jump in and go anywhere at anytime.

-We have THE BEST brothers and sisters.

-Jesus loves me in spite of myself; so much that he died for me. He doesn’t see my ugliness when he looks at me.

-My parents pray for me (and my boys) every day. I can’t think of a greater gift they could give to me.

-We’re surrounded by great friends who love and support us.

There’s so much more, but it’s about time for Turkey Day meal #2… Hope you’re wearing your stretchy pants today too. 🙂