almeida family pictures

After Saturday, I have a new appreciation for my clients. Specifically the ones who happen to be parents of wild, almost-toddlers.

Cory posted the picture above on her blog, and I love it (other than the strange spider legs I've got going on). Look at that cute little lion! And after experiencing the craziness of my first family session as a mom I'll be totally happy if this is the only good picture of all 3 of us looking at the camera. I know how hard we worked to get it! Isn't it fun trying to get everyone ready only to find out that the little guy's shoes won't stay on for longer than 20 seconds at a time? And suddenly he's completely bored with the idea of having his picture taken. The kid who LOVES to pose is bored with the camera on the day of our family pictures. What?! And he just wants to beat on Cory's step stool (everything's a drum set) and eat his gold fish. Cory even resorted to this hilariousness to make The King smile.

And that's why I love this picture so much!