life lately… via cell phone pics

Left: A lady stopped us and told Kingston, "Wear that hat!" Now I say it to him everytime he has one on. 🙂
Right: Shopping at an outdoor mall. Note that Kingston is "Wearing that hat."

Left: I made some onesies for friends who are having a baby girl. Embellishing clothes is so much fun!
Right: Kingston and "Dadda" at the doctor. We've spent a lot of time there over the last month.

Left: He wears his accessories happily. So my kid!
Right: Beach day.

Left: Talking to the "other baby" in the mirror.
Right: Required reading.

Left: Our back door.
Right: Shopaholics.

Left: Asleep at the beach.
Right: My friend Marlena sent these shoes while I was pregnant last year. Best baby gift ever!

Left: 🙂
Right: Typical lunch. 

Left: I usually don't make him wear shoes, because his feet are so chubby. Anybody know what shoes are comfy on fat baby feet?
Right: Love from Grandpa.

Left: I picked up a hitch-hiker.
Right: Sweet baby.

Left: Who loves food? THESE GUYS!
Right: I could squeeze those cheeks all day.

Left: Little guy does not like to sit.
Right: My boys. 🙂