1. what a fun weekend! It looks like we are Amanda's bridesmaids!! hahaha… MUST DO AGAIN!!!!

  2. Gutter-brain alert: I love how the great box placement in the first two pics make Amanda look nudie-patootie! Sorry- it's the first thing that came to mind. :0) What a lovely group of women you all are- inside and out!

  3. What a GREAT birthday, such a good time!! I am soooo blessed. Lyndsay great job girl. I LOVE how you capture things..and Jennifer no worries that was the first thing we said too, before she took the picture. IN FACT I think that is why she did take the picture!!

  4. oh what fun!!! i LOVE girls weekends!!:)
    the pics look like you guys had SO much fun!
    you look great by the way!

  5. Love all those sassy outfits! Looks like so much fun. Did you miss the little guy though? I remember that being hard when my kids were tiny.

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