OPAM – June

I’ve missed doing OPAM projects, but for the last several months (or half of a year) it’s felt like I couldn’t start and finish anything. I could totally start, but finishing was a problem. I can’t imagine why. 🙂 So I was really excited to work on the project below! We have a little cutout in one of our hallways that was just kind of blah. It wasn’t exciting at all. I started scheming about what to do with the space then I ordered some frames from The Organic Bloom and a plan started coming together. I thought a “Wall of Kingston” would be fun, because what we need most in our house is more pictures of him. We don’t want him to feel neglected or anything!

Before: LOVE sign from Kirkland’s.
Pillows that ended up here, because they didn’t really go anywhere else in the house.
Bench from Pottery Barn.

After: Frames from The Organic Bloom. I’m offering these to clients now!
I made some of the pillows and bought the rest at the thrift store.
The circle banners are just scrapbook paper glued onto yarn.
The paint is leftover from when we had our living room and kitchen painted last year. I thought the rounded edges mimicked the frames a little bit.

This space makes me so happy now. When I finished decorating I thought, “Hmm. Is this a little too much?” Yes. Yes it is. And I love it!

I used some of Kingston’s favorite books 😉 and other fun goodies to fill the square cubbies.

Oh, he feels so loved now!