DIY – spring wreath

Ummmmm, do I have a wreath problem? I just realized that I make them a lot! And I can’t stop. 🙂 This one is hanging on my front door right now and was inspired by my love for all-things-Anthropologie. Here’s a little DIY for those of you who share my wreath addiction!

Supplies I used:
Straw Wreath
Pages torn out of a book
Modge Podge

Step 1: Tear the book pages into strips. You could also use newspaper for this part.
Step 2: Cover each strip in Modge Podge and wrap around the wreath, so that each piece overlaps a little bit.
Step 3: While the wreath is drying make a “flower” embellishment. I used this method with yellow felt and a 1.5 inch ribbon.
Step 4: Once the wreath is completely dry try the ribbon around it (anywhere you want) and hang it proudly!!!