kingston rock – 3 months

That. was. fast.Can someone please tell me where the last 3 months have gone? The slowest days and fastest weeks of my life!And to those…

That. was. fast.
Can someone please tell me where the last 3 months have gone? The slowest days and fastest weeks of my life!
And to those of you who told us "it gets fun at 3 months", you were SO right. We're having a blast with this little guy! Right now my favorite things are :

-When he yells really loud then looks around like, "Who did that?"
-And when he "kisses" me on the cheek. He just opens his mouth against my cheek then laughs. 🙂

"Praise the Lord! For all who fear God and trust in him are blessed beyond expression. Yes, happy is the man who delights in doing his commands. His children shall be honored everywhere, for good men's sons have a special heritage."
Psalm 112:1-2

Kingston is sporting the latest in baby legwarmers from Huggalugs. 🙂

Entertaining Mom and Dad at breakfast (and everyone around us) with these funny faces:


  1. He's adorable! take it in, because it all goes to fast. Ava will be 1 this month! Eeekk….it's crazy fast!

    He's adorable, I love the last pics w/ him & Anderson!

  2. Oh my word. That little man is beyond words cute!!! Look at him!!! And the leg warmers! Ha! Love them!! Keep the pictures coming and I need to see him next time I'm at church – I keep seeing you from a distance!

  3. Katie “Not a Crazy Stalker” – Thank you! I love Libby. 🙂

    Tara – I will hunt you down next week!

    Joy – Anytime!

    Andrea – You’re right-so fast!

    Holly – Thank you! I miss seeing you.

  4. Kingston—you are a precious little boy. You are so loved. I absolutley love to see your grandpa and grandma talk about you at church. Their faces just light up at the mention of your name!!!! Praying for your sweet family always!!

  5. Lyndsay, looking at the first set of black and whites the one on the right, his closed-mouth grin looks just like your Poppy.

  6. These pictures are the best. Kingston looks like a joy! I can't wait to meet him.

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