OPAM – february

Under normal circumstances this little D.I.Y. project would not get OPAM status. It should really only take a fews hours to make; not a month. But I’m doing good to complete anythything these days, and this felt table runner is the only one I finished in February! The good thing about this project is that you can pick it up whenever you have a few minutes to work on it, then get back to it later. Mine was on my living room floor for weeks. 🙂

You’ll need:
-Felt in your choice of colors
-No Sew or other adhesive
-Buttons, embroidery thread, beads for embellishment
Cut out circles from felt. I used a plate to trace and cut out the large and medium ones and a medicine bottle cap for the small ones.

Lay the circles out and overlap them to create the design for your runner. Then, starting from one end and working your way down, attach the circles to each other with No Sew. I laid the circles on top of a runner that I already had to get a feel for the length and width.

Add embellishments-Buttons, beads, embroidered designs… TA DA!

I get that super-bright colors aren’t for everyone!
You could also use neutral colors – greys with black and white
or all one color felt for a monochromatic look
or holiday colors – red and green for Christmas, pastels for Easter… you get it!

Have fun!!!