kingston’s room

Wanna see where The King sleeps?!

This wasn’t my original idea for his nursery decor; it was actually Anderson’s! I had a more “rock n roll” theme in my head, but he said it wasn’t fun and baby-ish enough. I’m so glad I listened to him (for once). This room is definitely fun and BRIGHT with a bit of a retro vibe!


Left: The wreath was so easy to make. I just wrapped yellow felt and orange tulle around a foam wreath and glued some little scrapbooking cutouts to it. It makes the door happy. šŸ™‚

Right: Curtains – IKEA
Chair – Walmart. This was the hardest piece to find, because I had a specific size and style that I really wanted and couldn’t locate it anywhere. Couldn’t believe we finally found it at Wallyworld!
White Shelves – Lowe’s
Foot stool – I just covered one that was stuffed in one of our closets.
Orange Storage Tub – Shower Gift


Wall Art – I posted an easy DIY recently. Check it out here.

Mobile – I made this too!

Left: I framed our favorite maternity pictures from our shoot with Stephie Joy Photography.
Right: He has more clothes than we do. šŸ™‚

Vintage Gerber advertisement –Ā  my parents found it in an antique store.