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Earlier this week a friend sent a message encouraging me to “embrace this sweet season of just you and A before Homie arrives.” Yes, she…

Earlier this week a friend sent a message encouraging me to "embrace this sweet season of just you and A before Homie arrives."
Yes, she calls our baby Homie!

I think this was the first time I realized that it will only be just the two of us for a couple more months. We will never have this time again, and I want to take advantage of every moment!

I started making a list of little things I want to do together…
– Go on a picnic. I love picnics, and the weather is so nice now!
– Eat at Cruisers, b/c that's where we had our first date.
– Spend an evening at the beach. We used to do this when we were first married. Anderson always took his guitar. 🙂
– Take a weekend trip somewhere. Not sure though, b/c our weekends are full though mid-November. I can't fly at that point, so we have to go somewhere within driving distance. Road trip?!
– Spend an afternoon doing touristy things in St. Augustine.

Do you have any fun ideas?

Picture by Corinna Hoffman.


  1. Oh geesh! I wish we would have done a lot of things. Like, go to the movies, go for long walks on the beach and just talk or listen to the waves, We cannot go back now though, lol! I am sure you will have a huge support system that will be willing to watch Homie while you two continue to do those romantic things you listed. The evening on the beach with the guitar sounds the best to me. 🙂 So sweet! Very smart to make a list!

  2. You could make St. Augustine a weekend thing! Stay downtown or something and you won't have to sit in the car for long to get there!

  3. Go buy or do something that is completely irresponsible and selfish. You will not make an irresponsible or selfish decision for another 20 years!

  4. such a sweet post1
    yes, enjoy the time that you have left together. not that you won't have time together after the baby but it will be diferent (different in a good way!). you will just have a desire to be with your lil family all the time!

  5. Elizabeth Pointe Lodge in Fernandina — just a short drive, but you could spend an evening on the beach, have a picnic and do touristy things in Fernandina. And they have fresh cookies waiting on you when you arrive … yummm.

  6. You should go to Savannah and stay at The Mulberry on East Bay St. in one of their honeymoon suites, it is adorable and they treat you so nice. Yall could stroll down to Factor's Walk and eat at the Cotton Exchange Tavern (it's casual and the food is awesome) and just relax and enjoy the scenery…maybe take a few pics along the way!

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