it's getting interesting

Pregnancy really has been rather uneventful for me so far. No sickness or fatigue (or any other weird stuff). Thank you, Jesus!

I feel so good. Keeping up with running seems to be helping a lot. I still hate doing it but always feel great afterwards. I've started going late in the evenings to avoid the crazy heat, but I'm pretty sure I sound like a water buffalo breathing no matter when I do it. šŸ™‚ Last night it rained on me the whole time, and it was great!

We're starting to get excited. Up to this point it hasn't felt "real". People told me I would cry when I had my first ultrasound. Are you kidding me? Cry out of disappointment maybe. I couldn't see anything! And even when they printed off the picture I couldn't make out a shape of any kind. Ha! But now that I look a little more than bloated, it's finally starting to sink in. And we find out very soon if I'm growing a boy or a girl. Of course we have no clue, but every time I picture the baby I see a boy. Weird!

Now that I'm starting to get a belly, I'm receiving fun little tidbits of unsolicited advice. "Honey, you really shouldn't wear those tall shoes while you're pregnant." "Don't you dare paint the baby's room. The fumes are toxic." Toxic fumes? Do people not clean their houses for 9 months?! "Wait until that baby is born. You will finally experience true love." Okay, I know what they're trying to say, but that's just sad. Sad! "Lunch meat carries bacteria. Don't eat it." Well, I'll just pray extra hard over my turkey sandwich before I eat it in a minute. And oh the looks from other women when I'm carrying a Starbucks cup. Whatever, ladies! I think it's more important for the baby's well being that I don't kill Anderson.

I'm so thankful for my Mom. She's been really helpful for us. I was almost in tears about trying to clean out closets to make room for baby stuff, (if you saw my closets you'd cry too) and she just came over and did it. I sat on the floor and told her where to put things. Pathetic, I know. But I'm pretty sure she knew I was teetering on the edge of a breakdown, and she just jumped in and did what needed to be done. She's going to be such a good Grandma!

The old wives tales are really cracking me up too! I eat A LOT of spicy food; so naturally, I'm also eating a lot of Tums lately. But anytime I mention heartburn, someone knows why I have it.

"Your baby is going to have lots of hair."
"You're having a boy".
"Your baby is going to have red hair."

I had to stop that last lady right in her tracks and ask her if she's ever seen my husband. If we have a redheaded baby I'll have a little explaining to do. I do think the first one might be right though. I'm pretty sure this kid is going to have an afro. I've seen Anderson's baby pictures!

I think God's trying to teach me to be kind and graceful when responding to all the pregnancy experts out there. So far I haven't snapped at anyone or told them just how ridiculous I think they are. šŸ™‚

Anderson says I haven't had any mood swings…yet.