the saturday routine

I introduced Anderson to <a href="">Sierra Grille</a> right after we started dating. It quickly became one of our favorite lunch spots. I like to order the Hawaiian platter (but always accidently call it the Aloha platter). Oops! Thankully everyone who works there knows us and interprets my made-up menu items! Anderson pretty much eats anything on the menu…as long as it includes steak.

I have to admit that as much as I like Sierra Grille, my enjoyment is really more about sharing our little Saturday routine. Sometimes I almost even get tired of the food (only because we eat SO MUCH Mexican food), but I never get tired of spending the afternoon with my hubby. And Anderson loves the place, so we keep going back. And we'll continue to; at least for the next few months. The man has promised to make up rap songs while I'm in labor. So I'll eat anywhere he wants to go!