OPAM – june

We have one piece of furniture that I really hate. I guess in the big scheme of things, one is not too bad. The problem is the size and location of this piece. It’s a huge black box and is prominently displayed in our living room. In fact, I think I could go as far as referring to it as the focal point of our home. And I can’t just get rid of it, because it’s the only thing that Anderson picked out. And even though it’s old and we could probably go out and get a nice sleek one, he loves the big black box. So my project this month was an attempt to make the area around it look a little more cheerful.

Before-How many boxes do we really need on top of the tv?
After-I gathered some fun, random pieces and tried to stay with a candy-colored theme!

This was another easy project, but it brightened the room up a lot!

A few details (left to right):
The big frame once held a hideous family portrait that hung in my Grandma’s dining room. I painted it sea foam green and hung E – 2008 (for “Established 2008”) in it. A modern take on the signs we’ve all seen in people’s homes over the years. I used a wooden letter and numbers and covered them in magazine clippings with Modge Podge.

Below that is a framed vintage camera manual.

To the right is a framed “A” and a ceramic cow head from the thrift store.

The pink metal square is from Hobby Lobby, but it was a yucky rust color. I sprayed it cotton candy pink and attached a deer head cut out of scrapbook paper. (This is the picture I used in case you wan to make your own!)

I found the pink cuckoo clock on eBay and painted the canvas under it a long time ago!