I’m back at the OPAM projects! Style School was the reason for my two month break, but since that’s over now; I’m ready to jump…

I’m back at the OPAM projects! Style School was the reason for my two month break, but since that’s over now; I’m ready to jump back into the fun world of random monthly decorating projects! Here goes…

This is the second bookshelf I’ve revamped since starting OPAM. I really like bookshelves, because I can display so many cute things on them. In other words, they are clutter collectors…and I love clutter!

This one came from Target a few years ago. It fit perfectly into the beach décor at my old apartment, so I bought a whole matching set when I moved in. But since I’m not into this color wood anymore it never made it into our house. It was in the garage in the i-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-this-stuff-but-don’t-want-to-throw-it-away pile. Then I decided what it needed was a little bit of pink spray paint. Ya’ll know I like spray paint! Once I got the idea to paint I knew exactly where I wanted to put it and started collecting little goodies to display.

Before: Sad little shelf. After: Two cans of pink spray paint later!

Now it has a home in a little corner of our living room. Isn’t it happy?!

Here’s what I put on it…

On the wall: This clock from IKEA, this print that my sweet brother-in-law and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas and a yellow “A” from the thrift store.

On top: An old typewriter that someone was throwing away (gasp), a Polaroid camera and my Great-Grandma’s book about how to read and write short-hand. Ha!

On the shelves: Books (including Bibles, legal thrillers by John Grisham, Amy Vanderbilt’s “Complete Book of Etiquette” and old Reader’s Digests), mini yellow vases from the thrift store, a light bulb full of confetti and an old hatbox top.

Completely unrelated…but thanks so much to everyone who sent me emails about where to go in Hawaii! I now have a list of fun things to see and do-yay!!!


  1. Oh, wow, that looks gorgeous! I cannot BELIEVE someone was throwing that typewriter away!

    I love how a coat of paint can change and rejuvenate something to make it completely new. Love it.

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  3. Stop it already!! You make my house feel so sad. Please come decorate for me, LOL. And please keep showing us more of your quirky and cool style ideas!!

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