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The other day I got an email from an old friend asking if I’m going to our 10-year high school reunion this year. I’m a…

The other day I got an email from an old friend asking if I'm going to our 10-year high school reunion this year. I'm a little concerned about her. She must be completely delusional, because there's no way we've been out of high school for 10 years. No. Way.

I can't drive stick shift and do not want to learn. Someone please tell my husband.

Does anyone know the real story behind the Indian with the star on Tootsie Pop wrappers? One of my favorite local restaurants, Cruisers, gives out Tootsie Pops. This has started many conversations with my friends about the illusive "Indian". I always heard that if you get a wrapper with an Indian on it you can send it in for a free Tootsie Pop. Send it in where? And who's going to go through all that trouble for a free Tootsie Pop?! Wikipedia says it's an Urban Legend. I don't know why, but I'm very curious about this.

I usually forget to tell Anderson when I make a purchase with Paypal funds. A package will show up at the door, and he'll ask me when I bought it. I always answer with a nonchalant, "Oh, I bought it with Paypal money!" (Like it's Monopoly money or something.)

Have you heard about Shoe Dazzle yet? It's a shoe-of-the-month club that some of my girlfriends are members of. I'm tempted to join. It's around the same price as a gym membership but much for practical!

My last name is pronounced, "Al-may-duh". This is interesting because for two years I've been saying, "All-may-duh". Embarrassing. I might stick with my version anyway-it sounds more exotic. 🙂

I keep applying to be on Wheel of Fortune, because I always get the puzzles right! I'm a nerd incognito. Always have been. When I was in 5th grade I spelled "deodorant" wrong, so I wouldn't win the Spelling Bee and look like a dork.

Anderson does impersonations of famous people all the time, but they ALL sound like Sean Connery.

I took a break from OPAM projects to work on Style School, but I never really posted any project pictures. You can see a few of them here. It's been fun! I still have a lot of projects to work on though.

Anderson and I were supposed to go to Brazil next month for fun in Rio and to visit family in Sao Paulo. But we just found out we can't get a travel visa for him (long, boring story). So…we're going to Hawaii instead and staying on Oahu. Does anyone have any tips? I know some of you live there or have at least visited. We would love some suggestions about what to see and do! I do already have one afternoon planned out though. I want to go see "Robin's Nest" where Magnum P.I. was filmed. I found this blog written by another obsessed Thomas Magnum fan and got really excited. Okay, I've official outed myself as a full-fledged nerd in this post!!

This photo is completely irrelevant to the post, but I just found it and it makes me laugh. I was standing on a table above "Sean Connery" during a photoshoot, and he realized he could see up my skirt. His face is hilarious!

Hope you all have a great weekend. It's supposed to be beach weather here! Whoo hoo!!!


  1. I treat paypal money the same way 🙂

    I don't think I've been pronouncing your name correctly either!

    and no way- its not been 10years.

  2. There is a tour that you can take that will take you around the entire island. It takes about 4 hours. It's pretty awesome. My mom and I enjoyed it so much. And definitely go to a Luau!

  3. My high school reunion is coming up in 3 years (I feel like I was a senior about 3 years ago not 7)and when I was in Texas this past October I asked some of my friends "So are we going to go?" And well they looked at me like I was completely delusional because apparently its not cool to go to these things 🙂 Now I know!
    Oh and PayPal is so monopoly money – i def. feel you on that!

  4. Yay!!! You're coming here!!! I keep up with your blog. I find it awesome! I first found you on flickr randomly. Malls to visit…Alamoana, Ward Center (has movie theaters) Love that place! 🙂 Pearlridge (another mall, kind of like that mall you always go to just cuz). Travel around the island is a must. Have to try Matsumoto and Aoki's shave ice in Haleiwa. There's a Dole Pineapple Maze you'll find when going around the island. Waikiki strip. Um…and Ko'olina (lago

  5. yah, so no crazy waves. It's nice if you just want to hang out on a floater. Love that. Oh Waikele is also another place to shop. It's a bunch of outlets. I'd love to help you on beaches, not really a beach person. Sorry. There's Diamond Head, a hike. Watch a sunset, we got pretty ones. Oh and in Ko'olina, they do have a luau there. Okay. Hope that helps. Have fun! Be Careful and Safe!!!! KeL

  6. KeL! Thank you for all the great info! Especially the shopping stuff. 🙂 And I definitely want to go to Diamond Head-they say “Anyone can hike it.” But they haven’t met me-haha!

  7. One of my MOST favorite postings EVER !! The randomness sounds like me and my ADD – LOVED it ! Art projects – FABULOUS ! Had so much fun reading this – I wanted it to be longer 🙂

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