the list

Since marrying Anderson (almost) 2 years ago, I've calculated that we spend about 15% of our time looking for his:

1. keys
2. wallet
3. phone

True story…
We were leaving our wedding when Anderson realized he couldn't find his keys…anywhere. It's all a blur now, so I can't remember how long we looked for them. Probably about 30 minutes, but it seemed like a really long time. Here I was waiting to be whisked off to our honeymoon, but first I had to run around a large church and help my new husband find his keys. We eventually found them. In the trunk. When I thought about the situation later I could almost picture God laughing and saying, "Welcome to your new life Mrs. Almeida!"

The expression: "He's like a chicken with its head cut off" was created to describe Anderson. He's always in a frenzy. It's a constant state for him. He seems like he's constantly running. Sometimes when he leaves the house I hear him saying to himself, "Cell phone, keys, wallet. Cell phone, keys, wallet." Then, "Have you seen my phone?" So when I saw this rug I HAD to buy it for him. It makes me laugh.

When we have a kid I'll probably have to add "BABY" in permanent marker.