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Since marrying Anderson (almost) 2 years ago, I’ve calculated that we spend about 15% of our time looking for his: 1. keys2. wallet3. phone True…

Since marrying Anderson (almost) 2 years ago, I've calculated that we spend about 15% of our time looking for his:

1. keys
2. wallet
3. phone

True story…
We were leaving our wedding when Anderson realized he couldn't find his keys…anywhere. It's all a blur now, so I can't remember how long we looked for them. Probably about 30 minutes, but it seemed like a really long time. Here I was waiting to be whisked off to our honeymoon, but first I had to run around a large church and help my new husband find his keys. We eventually found them. In the trunk. When I thought about the situation later I could almost picture God laughing and saying, "Welcome to your new life Mrs. Almeida!"

The expression: "He's like a chicken with its head cut off" was created to describe Anderson. He's always in a frenzy. It's a constant state for him. He seems like he's constantly running. Sometimes when he leaves the house I hear him saying to himself, "Cell phone, keys, wallet. Cell phone, keys, wallet." Then, "Have you seen my phone?" So when I saw this rug I HAD to buy it for him. It makes me laugh.

When we have a kid I'll probably have to add "BABY" in permanent marker.


  1. that's my husband's routine too ("wallet, keys, phone…") and there always seems to be AT LEAST one of those missing! before we married it used to be "wallet, keys, phone, cigarrettes…" — lucky for me, that last one is now out of the picture. lol. i have to find that rug! i don't know where i'd put it but it would be a great prank gift for him. maybe we should look into some memory vitamins ???

  2. Hilarious. Even funnier, my wife forgot my wedding ring on our wedding. She didn't remember that she forgot it until it was time to exchange rings. So, we had to take a time out and wait for Jon, my brother in-law, to find it in the girls room. One memory she can never deny, and I will never let her forget.

  3. Dave has a very similar mantra whenever we leave the house!

    His is "Got my girl, got my wallet, got my phone, got…no keys!" (because he doesn't have a car right

  4. Lyndsay, Will does the same thing! Only now he has shortened his list. Instead of saying wallet, phone, keys he now just says 1, 2, 3. If he's missing one of the numbers, he knows he's forgetting something. 🙂 The rug is a GREAT idea!

  5. Lindsay – It can bemore interesting. Mike and I had been married about a month when we went to Steinmart. We were driving my car, and he told me I could look in my section and he'd call when he was ready to leave. I was in my happy place trying on stuff when I realized Mike was being really sweet and giving me a lot of time. My cell phone finally rang and he was panicked and said – "I'm coming back and am so sorry!" He had left me, and been gone 20 minutes before he real

  6. I really thought Eric was the only one that verbally reminded himself of "wallet, phone, keys"! He usually stands by his nightstand (where he's supposed to keep his things) and grabs his pockets while checking for each item – asking himself, "wallet, phone, keys?" Boys… they're too much!! 🙂

  7. Haha! I bought that rug for my boyfriend @ Christmas! It seriously has helped him remember his things … but I need to add "iPod" to the list, too.

  8. And, when you add Baby to the list, you can pretty much count on missing most of the rest of the list when you leave the house. It's like they suck your brain out..

  9. Welcome to being happily and wonderfully married to a spouse that can't find their keys, wallet, or phone – i bought an item from Hooby Lobby that is a dry-erase board with hooks ( so I can write a note to Jared, reminding him where is phone/wallet are, and to look down to get his keys). Gotta LOVE EM'!

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